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Oaks at University Business Park


Building I is a single story 114,000 square foot flex office building constructed of tilt wall concrete with thin brick inlay facade.  The storefront and glazing is a combination of 1" insulated Solar Cool Azuria in a thermally broken system as well as 1/4" thick glass.  The roof consists of a heat reflective white TPO over R-19 insulation board.  This is the first building of a three to four building park situate on a 36 acre tract at the south end of Silicon Drive which is continued with a private drive to Network Blvd.  The infrastructure and park is designed around the trees and maintains much of the natural foliage.  A detention pond is situated in the Northwest corner, which is designed to maintain four to six feet of water for a natural water feature for fish and plant life.

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7373 Broadway • Suite 101 • San Antonio, TX  78209 • P (210) 826-9888 • F (210) 826-9822

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