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Silver Eagle Addition


The Silver Eagle Cooler Addition includes the expansion of the existing CEW (Controlled Environment Warehouse) and the addition of a new Draught Cooler.  In additioin, a new small administration, repack, and forklift repair building will be constructed.  The total expansion project is 131,275 SF.


The additions will include insulated tilt wall panels for the new CEW and Draught Cooler.  The temperature in the new CEW will be between 65-68 degrees and 33-34 degrees in the Draught Cooler.  The structure includes steel columns, girder joist, and bar joist along with an insulated TPO roof.  The 4530 SF addition will include CMU walls, and structural steel.  The project includes high speed Rytec doors, dock levelers, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical.  A new generator is being added for power outages.


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