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Mays Family YMCA



A 55,000 sq foot interior renovation of an old grocery store facility.  Kopplow completely demolished the interior and removed a large portion of the existing slab and entry feature to accommodate the new design.  New work included the adding of new roof joists to facilitate a full court basketball gym and a large interior exacavation for the installation of two new pools.  New locker rooms, shower facilities, dance studios, and exercise areas were also included.  An existing mezzanine area incorporated the additional exercise areas by adding new access stairs as well as housing the pool HVAC equipment.  The exterior facade was redone with steel trellis work, metal paneling, wood paneling, cutting in additional windows around the entire perimeter, and painting the existing CMU walls along with new flatwork and landscaping along the front of the building.  Included within this space is a 8,000 sq foot lease space being occupied by the San Antonio Public Library whch partnered with YMCA on this project. 





San Antonio Botanical Gardens - Improvement Project



Devlopement of the new 10 acres to the south of the existing Botanical Gardens property.  New work provides expanded parking, a new entry ticket kiosk, gift shop, and office/classroom building.  There will be a separate outdoor kitchen pavilion for cooking classes with adjacent garden areas for growing herbs, vegetables, etc to be used for the demonstrations.  A new Family Adventure Garden will located in the back half of the property and will include an interactive stream, maze garden, and many individual exhibits for learning.  Other features of the project will include numerous water features, rain gardens to capture water run-off for re-use as irrigation, several amphitheater areas, a small pavilion for parties, and extensions of pathways to and from the existing property to the new expansion.





The Oaks at University Business Park - Phase IV



Phase IV - Building 4 is a single story 65,000 sq foot flex office building constructed of tilt wall concrete with think brick inlay facade.  The roof consists of a heat reflective white TPO over R-19 insulated board.  This is the fourth and final building of the University Business Park situated on a 36 acre tract at the south end of Silicon Drive which is continued with a private drive to Network Blvd.  The infrastructure and park is designed around the trees and maintains much of the natural foliage.





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