Silver Eagle Addition

TheIn early 2011, Kopplow began a renovation and expansion at the Del Rio facility.  The project included the renovation of existing offices as well as the expansion of the warehouse with a new metal structure.  Additionally, a Truck Wash was built on-site.
Kopplow, ending in 2013, completed the complete renovation of 7,500 square feet of executive office space to include the CEO’s office, conference rooms, hospitality area, and a museum like corridor area where a special collection was displayed.  The project included special millwork, flooring and other finish details with high end materials.
The Silver Eagle Cooler Addition in San Antonio includes the expansion of the existing the Controlled Environment Warehouse (CEW), addition of a new Draught Cooler, a Truck Wash as well as additional administrative offices.  This total expansion, which was done with insulated tilt wall panels, totaled over 131,000 SF.  This project was completed in 2015.

Lone Star Bakery

Through the course of the past 32 years, Kopplow Construction has built multiple buildings and additions for Mac Morris and Lone Star Bakery. Over that span, we have built over 500,000 square feet of manufacturing space, much of it tilt wall construction with pre-engineered metal building frame and roof. This includes refrigerated areas with spiral freezers. We will be starting a new building addition of 50,000 square feet in February 2019 that is to include a spiral freezer area.

Tri County Business Center Phase II

Phase II of the Tri-County Business Center off FM3009 consists of two tilt-wall buildings. Building A is 40,000 square feet and has 24 foot clear height; Building B is 227,500 square feet and has a 28 foot clear height. The buildings have designated entrances at corners and center points. The underside of the roof deck is painted white and skylights are featured every 3,000 square feet, which give the buildings a brighter atmosphere. The site is paved with structural concrete with a comfortable 2% cross slope at all dock doors.

AMC Industries

This building is a concrete tilt-wall structure containing a 20,000 square foot warehouse area complete with storage racks, dock levelers, pump testing tanks, maintenance area and 15,000 square foot corporate offices, break room, and an over the counter sales area.

Blue Bell Creameries

This regional office building and distribution facility is located in the greater New Braunfels area. The project included a large storage freezer, cold storage, dock loading area, a stand-alone fuel station and general office areas for the sales staff. Pre-cast double tees and manufactured insulated panels were key elements used in this unique building structure.

Checks In The Mail

This new office/manufacturing facility building consist of large open telemarketing areas, general offices and a warehouse in which checks are produced, printed, and packaged for mailing. The building also has a operational kitchen/dining area for the employees. The building is a concrete tilt-wall structure.

Clarke Checks

This manufacturing and distribution center was multi-phased. Initial construction of the manufacturing facility was added later to include warehousing with rack storage, office additions and upgrades.

Custom Food Groups

A 29,800 square foot facility was constructed as a multipurpose building for Custom Food Group. The building is concrete tilt-wall construction with structural steel and built up roof. It has both grade level and truck well access. The building interior is 1/3 office, 1/3 warehouse, and 1/3 kitchen prep area with walk in coolers and freezer. The kitchen prep area is conditioned to maintain a 65-degree temperature.

Colglazier Properties Warehouse

An industrial distribution warehouse facility.

PCI Educational

PCI Educational is a 64,000 square foot concrete tilt-wall shell building structure with 65% dock high access on one side. It also has Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) entry features at the front corner and middle of the building, and contrite paving throughout the rear truck court area.

Silver Eagle Distributors – Del Rio

This project consisted of a complete renovation of an existing 19,500 square foot warehouse to include new metal roof and wall panels, painting of steel structure and insulating new roof. Improvements include new beer coolers and 2,000 square feet of offices. In addition, an existing office building and “Eagle Room” were demolished and a new office building and hospitality room for 100 people plus a new truck wash facility were constructed. The office building has split faced exterior walls with standing seam metal roof. Floors are stained concrete, sheet vinyl and carpet. Finally the truck wash facility includes a maintenance bay for working on 18 wheel trucks.

Silver Eagle Distributors – San Antonio

This project included the finish out of approximately 13,000 square feet of office space which included new HVAC, Electrical, Fire Sprinklers, Acoustical Ceilings, Millwork and Flooring. In addition a complete new restroom was added. The scope included renovating the existing hospitality room, training room and print shop. A new wet bar and kitchen area was added to the hospitality room. Finally a portion of the first floor interior was demolished and opened up for rack storage and cages.

Simpson Racing Products

This 77,000 square foot office/manufacturing facility produces helmets, seat belts, shoes, gloves and fireproof body suits used by professional racing drivers. The project was developed to combine two separate manufacturing facilities at opposite ends of the United States into one large, centrally located building. A large fiber glassing area, multiple paint booths and numerous pieces of equipment were installed to create a factory-like environment.

Texas Wilson Warehouse

Texas Wilson Warehouse is a 90,000 square foot tilt-wall warehouse with dock high access on one side. The space includes a 5,000 square foot showroom to display all Texas Wilson’s modular furniture products.